Overall length: 12.43m

Width: standard 2.5m nominal max

Overall height: 3135 mm overall top of roof

Body Structure

Manufactured from high strength galvanised steel

Designed for high durability under heavy route service operating conditions in Australia

High strength side frame with protection against side intrusion

Corrosion protection coating applied to inside of tubular frame members

Underbody proof coating

Body skids fitted at front and rear

Jacking points under chassis outriggers

Towing eye at front and rear

Body Panels

Roof: one piece GRP

Side Panels: one piece GRP

Front canopy: one piece GRP

Rear canopy: one piece GRP

Skirt side access door panels: Marine grade aluminium

Cants: Aluminium extrusion

Front bumper: 3 piece GRP

Rear bumper: 3 piece GRP

Side access hatches to batteries, radiator, engine etc. fitted with budget locks

Stainless steel splash panel at fuel filler

Paint Finish

PPG Delfleet exterior paint finish (2 pack polyurethane)

Fleet colour scheme with up to 2 colours included in base price.

Passenger Door System

Front: Standard 1350mm body frame aperture with twin leaf glide away door

Festo pneumatics door motors and control valves

Emergency release buttons on inside and outside

Open and close remote controls on the outside under protective flaps

Handbrake interlock fitted to exterior door controls

Doors lockable with key from outside to secure vehicle

Safety system and brake interlock to RTA Technical specification 146

Independent front leave control


Windscreen : Laminated windscreen with separate pieces of laminated glass for destination sign and front corner windows.

Driver’s side window: Toughened glass with slide opening

Saloon windows: Standard toughened fixed windows –tinted

3M safety film applied to all saloon windows and door glass except emergency exit glass

Emergency exits by break glass saloon windows to ADR requirements including foot rests in body side panels.

Wiper/washer system

Heavy duty wiper system with 120 Nm motor (SWF Valeo)

Three speed including intermittent.

Washer jets mounted on wiper arms.

Washer reservoir 5 litre capacity

Roof hatches

Two Southport emergency roof hatches with LED emergency lighting

Passenger Seats

Total of 49 passenger seats including 6 fold-down seats (3 per side)mounted to side wall in wheelchair bays.

Seat type: Metro style, stainless steel frame with cantilever mountings to side wall, trimmed in transport vinyl over foam pads, formica back on squab, PU padding on top of squab incorporating handgrips on both sides. Nominal cushion width 900mm per twin seat assembly.

Seats on both front wheel housings 680mm wide.

Aisle designed for standing passengers. Standing capacity 15+ persons depending on options.

Driver’s seat

ISRINGHAUSEN type 6860.875, air suspended driver’s seat with retractable lap-sash seat belt and head rest. Cushion and squab trimmed in black fabric.


Soft touch Vinyl trimmed GRP dash board

First aid box compartment incorporated in front entrance dash riser panel

Fire extinguisher behind driver’s seat

Lightweight ceiling panel and a/c ducting with easy to clean, durable finish.

Parcel rack on front wheel housings

Illuminated “Bus Stopping” at front of saloon

Stainless steel protection panel at bottom of dash riser panel.

Hand rails

Two stainless steel ceiling handrails

Ten stainless steel handrail stanchions with bus stop request buttons on each stanchion

12 grab handles on hanging straps in lower section of saloon

Modesty panels etc.

Full height modesty panel adjacent to front door way with toughened safety glass panel in top half and stainless steel stanchion adjacent to aisle.

Half height modesty panels stainless steel stanchions at rear of allocated wheel chair spaces

Padded board along top of front wheel housing positioned as back rests for standing passengers.

Padded safety crash pad (“ironing boards”) mounted on front wheel housings, facing wheel chair spaces.


Exterior mirrors on LHS and RHS incorporating electric adjustment, electric heating, convex spotter mirror insert and mounted on knock back arms

One interior mirror, manually adjustable for view of saloon area

Body Electrical System

Multiplexed body electrical system with Thoreb node hardware

Main electrical cabinet accessible from outside.

Provisions for additional equipment:

– wiring for ticketing machine

– wiring for mobile phone cradle

– wiring for two way radio

– power supply wiring for GPS and PTIPS

– power supply wiring for driver emergency alarm

Swing out battery carrier (batteries supplied with chassis)

Heavy duty battery isolation switch in battery compartment

Griptone battery booster socket

Ground plate in roof for two way aerial

Reversing buzzer (supplied with chassis)

Reversing sensors with audible alarm

Engine start cutout switch activated by rear engine door

Automatic switching of hazard lights when reverse gear is selected

School safety lamp and “wig wag” headlamps to RTA TS 142

Exterior lighting

LED type lamps for:

– Front direction indicator – lower

– Front direction indicator- high mounted

– Front end outline marker lights

– Cat 6 side indicator lights

– Side marker lights

– Stop lamps

– Stop lamps high mounted

– Rear parking light

– Tail light high mounted

– Rear indicator

– Rear indicator high mounted

– Rear end outline marker lights

– Number plate lights

– school bus warning flasher – front and rear

Quartz Halogen High beam head lamp

Quartz Halogen dipped beam headlamp

Front parking lights incorporated in head lamp assembly

Engine compartment lamp

Front exterior step light – switched automatically with door

Interior lighting

Invertec Halogen down-light over driver

LED down-light over ticket machine activated by door

Entrance: Halogen down-lights (2) activated by door

Saloon light: Invertec 9 separate switching for front and rear

LED emergency exit lighting

Driver’s Protection

Protection bulkhead behind driver’s seat

Driver’s modesty door

Protection ½ screen at side of driver integrated with modesty door

Audible park brake alarm linked to drivers door


Driver’s compartment

Instrument panel as supplied with chassis

Moulded dash panel – vinyl trimmed

GRP dash riser with removable access panels

Driver’s overhead locker 3 compartments

Driver’s overhead console for various controls

Diver’s window with single slider opening

Radio and PA system with drivers microphone and 8 saloon speakers.

Desto controller (see Mobitec below)

Driver’s Authority card holder

Coat hook

Log book / document holder A4 size

Drink bottle / cup holder

Coin / pen tray

Heater outlets for driver’s feet

Cash tray console

Cash safe below dash

Broom holding clip

Windscreen sunblind – roller type ¾ width

Driver side window blind – roller type

Disabled Persons Access

Manual fold out wheelchair ramp in front door way, 300kg load capacity, with brake interlock.

Wheelchair ramp request button on exterior

Bus stop and ramp request button, low mounted in allocated wheel chair space

Destination Displays

Front: Mobitec 16×98 15mm dot front

Side: Mobitec 16×98 10mm dot side

Rear: Mobitec 16×28 15mm flip dot

Interface: Mobitec IC400 controller

Surveillance System

Digital surveillance system with total of 7 cameras and hard disk recorder. Camera on rear panel function as reversing camera and automatically displays video and sound on 6” colour monitor when reverse gear is selected. Cameras include infra red illuminators.

Air conditioner

Dongwhan heat cool air conditioner

Air con control panel for driver including temperature adjustment and read out.

Fixed air outlets in saloon and above windscreen

Booster fan and adjustable air outlets for driver


Demisting: – Heavy duty demister with temperature control

– demister outlets to windscreens, driver’s side window and front door glass


Altro flooring material or similar with contrasting colour for wheelchair spaces and non-standing area at front of bus.

Structural plywood floor boards rot proofed to H3 specififcation

Floor hatches for access to chassis service work.

Anodized aluminium step nosing extrusions with contrasting yellow inserts at doorways and interior steps.


Thermal insulation in ceiling, side walls below windows, rear wall and floor over engine compartment.

Noise insulation between engine compartment and saloon


School bus signage at rear to RTA technical specification 146

Reflective Red/yellow safety decal strip across rear panel

Reflective “Do not overtake turning vehicle sign” at rear

“Give Way” sign at rear

Wheel chair access symbol at front


Fire extinguisher type 2A:30B:E with hose, mounted at front

Heavy duty mud flaps

Engine air intake with water trap ducted to cant area.

Exhaust at rear under bumper bar.


Optional Items

• Alternative seat trim to operators preference.

• Additional passenger door in front of rear axle. 850mm body frame aperture with single leaf glide away door system Two additional interior mirrors for view onto rear passenger door-way (in conjunction with optional rear passenger door only).

• LED day time running lamps

• Hopper style windows flush fitting on the outside in lieu of fixed windows

• Fresh air vent under dash for driver

• two floor heaters mounted under passenger seats

• Thoreb C90 screen

• UV reduction film applied to driver’s side window and windscreen

• Full height modesty panel at rear door way with toughened safety glass panel in top half and stainless steel stanchion adjacent to aisle.

• Exterior mirror arms with quick release coupling for easy removal prior to automatic bus washing

• Swivel base – driver’s seat

• Arm rests for driver’s seat

• Rubbish bin near front entrance



Max output- (JIS Gross) 114KW at 2,900 RPM
Max torque- (JIS Gross) 430NM at 1,700 RPM
Displacement- 4,613 cc
Type- 4 Cyl overhead cam
using electronic controlled common rail system.
Type- plate with damper springs
Control- Hydraulic with vacuum booster.
Type- H260, 6 speed overdrive.
Ratio- 1st 4.772 5th 0.775
2nd 2.765 6th 0.619
3rd 1.570 Rev 4.545
4th 1.000
Front axle capacity- 3,100 kg
Rear axle capacity- 6,200kg
Ratio- 6.428 : 1
Type- Vacuum / hydraulic ABS
Effective area- 2,728 cm/2
Park brake- Transmission mounted
Exhaustbrake- electric-vacuum actuated
Front- Tapered leaf
Rear- Tapered leaf
Wheel and Tyre
Rim size- 17.5x 6.00 off set 127 mm
Tyre Size- 225/80R17.5-123/122
Fuel Tank
Capacity- 108 ltr with water trap
Refer to attached drawings
The RB8 bus is built with an integrated body
shell structure that is safe, strong and as light as
reasonably possible. It utilises High Tensile
Galvanised steel tubing in combination with
rolled and pressed sections to produce a vehicle
of exceptional strength and durability. All hollow
sections are injected with a corrosion protection
coating to inhibit rust formation inside the
structure. The body structure is ADR compliant.
All exterior panels are made of GRP (fiberglass)
including boot lid and side access doors and
hatches. The roof panel is a one piece
fiberglass sheet with extruded aluminium cant
incorporating gutter recesses on both sides from
front to rear.
The interior is clean and uncluttered. The interior
side walls and ceiling panels are Laminex. Pillar
and sill cappings are thermoformed from highly
durable ASA. Front and rear header panels, and
door pillar cappings are GRP mouldings with a
durable finish. Modesty panels are fitted in front
of the first row of seats trimmed in fabric
matched to the seat trim.
Curved one piece screen designed to maximise
driver visibility. Glass thickness is 7mm
laminated and produced to European ECE
Saloon windows are made of anti-sun tinted,
toughened safety glass, bonded to the body.

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