Brand Identity

The Name

In Greek mythology, Chiron was an immortal centaur (half-man/half-horse) known for his exceptional goodness and wisdom. He became the tutor for a number of famous Greek heroes. The name Chiron was also given to a large comet. It was the first of four celestial bodies that have been discovered with immense size (comet and asteroid in nature).

Chiron the centaur represented knowledge and wisdom. The comet represents energy and progression. It is these attributes which appeal to our organisation’s core values. Our aim is for Chiron vehicles to stand alone due to our company’s unparalleled expertise and drive.


Chiron Logo

The Logo

The Chiron logo comprises of the company name and an emblem representing comets in a circular motion. Having one comet in a different colour to the others creates a stylised letter ‘C’ in the emblem. The logo’s simplicity and clean lines relate to customers the ease and efficiency of our products. Introducing circular imagery provides the concept of continual progression and of an ongoing approach to service.

The corporate colours, blue and green, portray the company’s respect for the environment and our commitment to environmentally sensitive vehicles.

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Model Range


School / Charter Buses

The Chiron Schoolbus is an ideal vehicle for day charter applications. It offers versatility with your choice of chassis without compromising on quality!

CS100 | CS120 | CS140


Hino Minibus

The RB8 is easily manoeuvrable medium sized bus and it is practical, durable and supported by Hino Motor Sales & Service network throughout Australia.


Ultra Low Floor - Citybus

When operations demand an attractive and cost effective asset, the Chiron Low Floor Citybus is at the top of its class